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What waterskiing is all about, learn how to overcome the fallacy of "pulling" and instead understand the correct way of "leaning" behind the boat. 

Edge Change and Pre-Turns

The two most misunderstood concepts in slalom waterskiing, how to use the boat to your advantage. 


Discover the correct technique for achieving optimal "on-side" and "off-side" turns.

Training With Different Wind Conditions 

Never worry about the wind conditions again, learn to use the wind to your advantage.

Positioning Fundamentals 

Learn the crucial, often discarded, role that body positioning plays in waterskiing. Master your balance and control when waterskiing.


Learn the main principles for starting your pass as efficiently as possible. Grasp the fundamentals before unleashing your freedom in the most flexible part of the slalom course.

Main Chapters

The Ultimate Guide To Unlock Your True Potential On The Water

Whether you are a complete beginner, bracing for your first pull from the boat, or you're a seasoned pro, effortlessly carving through buoys, this waterskiing book covers it all!

Unlock Your True Potential On The Water

Meet Filippos

l am a professional athlete, seasoned coach, and recently the author of this book.


In the vast universe of sports, from Tennis to Basketball, Football to Swimming, there are plenty of resources aimed at improving your game that are available to you at the click of a button. Despite the nuance and attention to detail required, a complete guide outlining the correct Waterskiing technique has been missing from the picture. I decided it was time to change that! Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it!

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